[Fiction] The Renewal

That’s it. It’s coming. The end is near. What is going to happen to me? Am I going to die like my peers? It is now time to say goodbye to everything I’ve known. Those two kids who would play with me every Saturday. This black Labrador that sniffed me each morning. That old grandma who gave me her wool red checked scarf, thinking that I was cold in the snow. I figured out that today was the day when passersby started to talk about the weather with a smile, rather than complaining about it. I then understood that the prophecy was real. The one saying that one day, something called “Spring” would happen, and a huge warm ball would appear in the sky in order to kill me, my family and my friends. I had always believed this was a huge lie. Until today, when I felt a bead running on my forehead. When I noticed that it was Saturday, but the kids preferred playing with another white ball. When I saw for the first time in my life someone wearing sneakers. You damn sun! Why does everybody love you, while you’re actually a serial killer? I had heard those teenagers talking about beach, cocktails, tanning, and surfing. So people like me don’t have the right to enjoy it?

But maybe I’m wrong: right next to me, there is a tree. He is happy. On his branch, something I had never seen: a leaf! And now I’ve realized something. Am I a selfish snowman? Perhaps all I have to do is to accept. Dying in peace, melting slowly without being noticed. My nose just fell on the ground. That’s it. It’s coming. The end is now.


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