[Fiction] The Green Eyes

It was 2am when Chief Mithis finally decided to focus again on the case of the Williamsburg killings, after three cups of coffee and a donut. This case, which had remained mysterious for three months, concerned the assassinations of five women with a knife, each of these the murders occurring on the corner of Bredford Avenue and South 8th Street in Brooklyn. All of the victims were in their thirties, with long blond hair and green eyes. Those similarities actually made the case even more mysterious and, strangely, harder to solve, especially because every time they tried to catch the perpetrator, nothing happened. After reading the documents again and again, the Chief became more and more lost. Moreover, he was obviously worried about his sister who lived in Williamsburg and corresponded to the physical criteria of the killer’s victims, and this is why his colleagues decided to let him take care of the case. Mithis left his office, put on a warm coat and got in a patrol car, driving up to the scene crossing the almost empty Williamsburg Bridge. Around 3:30, he parked and patiently waited for the killer to show up. Another cup of hot coffee in the hand, he tried as hard as he could to stay awake. But anyway, he was awaken one hour later by the sirens of an ambulance and several other police cars: the killer had found his sixth victim and escaped, in front of the closed eyes of Mithis. He got out of his car and was suddenly harassed by a dozen of news reporters, all wanting to know things that he could not even answer. In a few seconds, he went through surprise, anger and misunderstanding. This was when most of the police started to understand that Mithis was maybe not skillful enough to resolve such an important case, despite his will to protect his sister. This is when Sherif Relvec decided to get involved in it.

The next day, at nightfall, alone in her office, she started to review the case and discovered that there was not a single bit of evidence. She took her laptop and spent two hours watching news reports and press analysis, but she became even more lost. She got in her SUV and drove to Brooklyn trying to know more about the place. At the corner of Bredford Avenue and South 8th Street, there was a tiny house with red bricks and a black roof. Although it was close to midnight, she knocked at the door so hard that any dormouse could wake up. The tenant opened the door, looking completely worn out. He was a short man with a threatening expression. Tired of being interviewed for the twentieth time, she could see anger in his eyes. But when he saw the dark look of Revlec, he knew he’d better let her in. After asking him several questions, she finally got an interesting lead: the previous tenant was a woman who disappeared six years ago. Back at her office, she started to look closer at this case, which was never solved. She discovered that the person in question was a woman in her thirties, with blond hair and green eyes, named Agatha Mithis. She kept researching, and confirmed her initial thoughts; she was related to the eponymous Chief. She was his sister, his only sister. She felt an illumination in her mind, and suddenly solved two mysterious cases at the same time.

Relvec ran to Mithis’s office, but he was already gone. She went back to her car and headed to Brooklyn as fast as she could. She saw a patrol car parked in front of the tiny house, but it was empty. She took her gun, a flashlight, and walked slowly into the dark alley next to her. She had just heard a noise when she was suddenly stabbed in the back, reaching her heart. At the same time, a dozen of police cars arrived in force, blocking the alley. Sherif Revlec, 32 years old, long blond hair and green eyes, was Mr. Mithis’s last victim.


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